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February 3rd, 2010

Interpersonal Expertise Tip: Affirming Similar Core Values

by Dr. Brian Higley | 2 comments

In order to have a truly satisfying relationship with other people we must know our core values (ways of thinking or behaving that we do not want to compromise on) and be able to identify and affirm these values in important others.  Having a clear idea of these values helps us and those around us to better know whether or not we can expect to have a smooth relationship or one that will consistently experience dissatisfying “road bumps.”  This Interpersonal Expertise Tip focuses on identifying core values in ourselves and others – and how affirm these values in ways that strengthen relationships.

Core values can be affirmed by becoming clear about our own values and helping others do the same.  If this is done thoroughly, the chances that we will be able to affirm similarities goes up significantly (longer lists of core values makes it more likely that at least one core value from each person’s list will overlap).  Here are some ways people have been able to affirm similar core values: (more…)

February 2nd, 2010

Interpersonal Expertise Tip: Appreciating (and Utilizing) Differences

by Dr. Brian Higley | 1 comment

So often, we can make the mistake of wanting everyone in our lives to be exactly like us; this desire can cause consistent problems in our relationships.  After all, surrounding ourselves with others who are exactly the same as us is a sure route to boredom and/or stagnation!  Some say that the answer is a more “tolerant” attitude toward those with differences, which can imply that we should simply put up with others’ differences so we can all survive together.

It is our position that true appreciation of differences (rather than simple toleration of them) comes from a realization of how useful our collective differences are to our collective ability to not only survive together, but to thrive.  This Interpersonal Expertise Tip focuses on identifying how our differences can be turned from annoyances or experiences to be tolerated to opportunities for satisfaction, achievement and/or growth – for all people involved. (more…)

February 1st, 2010

Interpersonal Expertise Tip: Utilizing Relationships to Increase Access to Our Potential (and Helping Others Do the Same)

by Dr. Brian Higley | Add comment

One of the most popular lines in movie history is the famous “you complete me” line that Tom Cruise said to Renee Zellweger near the end of the movie “Jerry Maguire.”  This is a truly memorable movie line, but it can perpetuate one of the major myths to relationship satisfaction: the idea that significant others (business partners, friends, romantic partners) “complete” us.  It sounds nice at first, but what happens when that other person is not in our life (either temporarily or permanently)?  We are left as an incomplete person!  This Interpersonal Expertise Tip focuses on how to create relationships that help us to access more of our potential – rather than cultivate feelings of dependency – while also encouraging growth in significant others in our lives as well.

Allowing  our relationships to promote personal growth rather than dependency can be facilitated by a realization that such relationships can help us become more of who we already are (and provide the same opportunity to others).  Here are some ways people have been able to utilize their relationships to access more of their own potential and help others do so at the same time: (more…)

January 31st, 2010

Interpersonal Expertise Tip: Engaging in Shared Interests

by Dr. Brian Higley | Add comment

Being able to find common interests is often a big key to successful and satisfying relationships.  It seems simple enough, but often times we get lost in all of the things that make us different – and can easily lose sight of interests that can bind us together.  This Interpersonal Expertise Tip focuses on learning how to identify common interests within our important personal and professional relationships, and how to put those common interests to work to strengthen our bonds with others.

Engaging in shared interests begins with the identification of what all parties genuinely enjoy doing and is strengthened by the commitment to participate in some of these interests together from time to time.  Here are some ways people have been able to strengthen their relationships through their common interests: (more…)

January 30th, 2010

Interpersonal Expertise Tip: Collective Rejuvenating Via Genuine Relaxation and Fun

by Dr. Brian Higley | Add comment

We live in a society that often encourages an “all work and no play” mentality, which often leaves both our personal and professional relationships neglected and stagnant.  So often, our relationships begin with a focus on enhancing each others’ enjoyment of  life and/or work only to “devolve” into ruts and routines.  This Interpersonal Expertise Tip focuses on how to set aside enough time and energy to energize our relationships – and rediscover the excitement and energy that brought us together in the first place.

Collective rejuvenation can be facilitated by committing to providing all parties with opportunities to experience genuine (not forced or faked) relaxation and fun.  We are not talking about get-togethers that only some people truly enjoy; everyone knows that some people only pretend to have fun at certain office parties or family reunions while others are genuinely enjoying themselves out of fear of punishment or rejection.  We are talking about experiences that allow everyone the chance to truly unwind and/or experience genuine “belly laugh” fun.  Here are some ways people have been able to promote collective rejuvenation: (more…)

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