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EBSS - Execution Boost Support System

What is the EBSS?

Moving your organization beyond the “Knowing-Doing Gap” into Execution Excellence.

The purpose of the EBSS is to assist organizations, teams, and individuals to consistently identify and accomplish their most important objectives.  The EBSS helps to boost organization-wide execution levels while enhancing the personal effectiveness of the individuals making up the organization. The Execution Boost Support System (EBSS)TM will help you create an organizational culture that is energizing and supportive, leverage more of the talents and abilities of your people, and provide the foundation for consistent organizational excellence.

  1. The EBSS is a set of trainings with robust online assessment and reporting tools that can be experienced in either an on site or completely on line manner.  These trainings and online tools help organizations identify their most critical objectives, check consensus throughout the staff on those key objectives and put specific, measurable and agreed upon goals in to place to boost execution in powerful and purposeful ways.
  2. Included in this system are follow-up mechanisms to ensure that all goals are constantly being monitored, updated, facilitated, and rewarded in ways that powerfully reinforce quality execution. Also included in the EBSS are goal barrier tracking assessments, which allow leaders to have a “real time” look into the major reasons why certain goals are not being accomplished.
  3. The EBSS also includes a training component available for teams or individuals who struggle to execute at high levels, based on the components that are most helpful to boosting personal and team effectiveness.

All Execution Boost Support System trainings consist of presentation, interaction, discussion, and both group and individual work.  The EBSS was created to fit all budgets; the cost of each phase of the EBSS is between $500- $10,000 (depending on number of participants and the structure chosen).

The 6 Phases of the EBSS:

Systematically Boosting Quality Execution


EBSS - Phase I

A Multi-level Organizational Excellence 360 Review:
The CACETM Assessment

This Phase of the EBSS helps you to assess your organization’s current execution levels via a confidential, easy to use, web-based survey tool. This 15 minute online assessment will give you a sense of the perceived “Goal CACE” (Clarity, Alignment, Consensus and Execution) levels throughout your organization. You can know whether the members of your entire organization feel that these execution-boosting essentials are working for (or against) you – all in the time span of the average coffee break! (Format: online)

EBSS - Phase 2

Execution-Friendly Strategy Development:
The Mission ActivationTM System

Helping you to consistently clarify your organization’s most important initiatives and getting your entire team moving toward their fulfillment in effective ways is the focus of EBSS Phase II. This customized training focuses on identifying and prioritizing your organization's most important objectives and the development and distribution of the "Objective-aligned Goals" essential to fulfilling the mission of your organization.  Special emphasis is placed on how to make sure people are pursuing the kinds of goals that they are most likely to achieve at a high level of quality. (Formats: on site and online options available)

  • Step 1: identifying clear objectives that are most urgent and/or important to your organization.
  • Step 2: gaining consensus about which objective should be focused on first, second, etc.
  • Step 3: creating, prioritizing, and gaining consensus on SMART goals for each objective in order of their priority to your organization.
  • Step 4: distributing SMART goals to the "right people" (those who are most likely to achieve them in quality ways).

EBSS - Phase 3

Systematic Strategy Fulfillment: The GoActiveTM Update System
A quick and easy method of monitoring goal progress, identifying goal barriers, and strategizing to overcome these barriers, Phase III of the EBSS is a must for busy leaders who don’t have the time to consistently monitor all of their employees’ progress on a regular basis.  No more guesswork needed; you can know the achievement status of your entire team’s most critical goals whenever you would like to – formatted in a way that is easy to understand and convenient to use. As importantly, you can have a “real time” analysis of why certain goals are not being achieved – so you can address those issues before they become major problems for your organization.  (Formats: on site or online options available)

  • Part 1 (Goal Progress Summaries): gives leaders a quick and easy way to regularly check on both individual and team goal progress over the course of a week, month, quarter, and/or year.
  • Part 2 (Goal Barrier Analyses): provides leaders a thorough analysis of the major barriers to their team’s collective goal achievement.  This analysis is based on over 7 years of experience and research working with the most common barriers to consistent goal achievement.

EBSS - Phase 4

Weakening Silos Through Strengthening Consensus:
The CACE GAMEETM Scorecard

“Just doing it” isn’t enough in today’s competitive marketplace – your team must also execute at a level of quality that is satisfying to you and your clients.  The first step in this process is to come to an understanding with your team members about your definition of quality execution.  This EBSS Phase helps you create and maintain a consensus with your employees about what it means to execute in ways that promote sustained organizational excellence and success. (Formats: on site or online options available)

EBSS - Phase 5

Promoting Accountability & Cooperation:
The Personalized PERCTM Economy

Effectively rewarding quality execution is an absolute must in high performance organizations, both to encourage success and to retain your most talented and hard-working employees.  To do this well, we must return to the original (and so often misinterpreted) definition of a “reward”: something that actually increases desired behaviors after it is given out.  In today’s business world, too many “reward” systems are not living up to that definition!  This Phase V of the EBSS focuses on identifying and implementing effective rewards customized to powerfully impact behavior on a regular basis.  This reward system helps to increase and maintain quality levels of execution throughout the year – not just around “bonus time” or when being evaluated.  (Formats: on site or online options available)

EBSS - Phase 6

Increasing Self-Mastery & Interpersonal Expertise:
The Persistence PyramidTM Training Series

Do you have some people in your organization who seem “lazy” or “unmotivated?”  This all-to-common problem can be explained by the fact that so many people have never been trained in the art of persistence.  This EBSS Phase provides your team with customized training focused on increasing individual persistence with the critical activities that create consistent goal-achievement.  This “Persistence Pyramid” training is based on over 7 years of experience and research in the areas that separate those that “do” from those who “wish” they could do. (Format: on site with optional online support)

  • Increasing Perception of Time Availability: strategies for creating the time for the most important matters -  both on the job and in your personal life
  • Maximizing Motivation: how to increase your energy and excitement on the job and at home
  • Expanding Accessibility: recruiting the materials and information necessary for persistence with the most important goals in life
  • Enhancing Enjoyment: powerful tools for enhancing your job (and life) satisfaction
  • Team-building For Greatness: methods of identifying and addressing relationships that create “persistence drag” and how to create and maintain relationships that promote consistent achievement

Who Needs The Execution Boost Support System (EBSS)?

The EBSS is a strong alternative to the leadership and management processes that so often leave objectives unfulfilled (between 50-90% of the time, actually) – or even unidentified – in meaningful ways.  With its state-of-the-art goal development and goal tracking devices, along with its dynamic customized reward distribution systems, the EBSS will help you will see more objectives meaningfully identified and more consistently fulfilled in quality ways (or at least have your finger on the pulse of exactly WHY these initiatives  aren't being fulfilled within your organization).

Throughout each of the 6 Phases of the EBSS, the most critical topics related to high quality execution will be covered, along with the most common “execution pit-falls.” During sessions you will have the opportunity to learn in a group format, work independently, and participate in online execution “check-ups” to ensure longer-term impact.  This program trains participants in what it takes to attain the “Marathon Mentality” a mentality that helps to create individuals who:

  • Get the truly important work done
  • Are highly focused and energetic
  • Come across as reflective, calm and visionary amid chaos.

Leaders and managers who lack the Marathon Mentality usually oversee an organization or division with talented employees who tend toward:

  • Frenzied activity – energetic, yet distracted easily from core issues; lacking consistent  focus and discipline; appears hurried, frantic, stressed and often makes short-sighted decisions
  • Procrastination – putting off doing work that really matters due to a lack focus and energy; often feel insecure/perfectionistic and fear failure
  • Detachment – disengaged from work altogether; more focused on their grievances or proving they are right; often aloof, tense or apathetic/cynical

In the current business environment, many variables (such as the increased competition levels that come with globalization and the critical need to retain your most talented individuals) are making execution even more critical to the success – and even survival – of your organization.  Once your strategy is determined, execution is often the only thing that separates you from your competition.  The Execution Boost Support System (EBSS)™ will help you create an organizational culture that is energizing and supportive, leverage more of the talents and abilities of your people, and provide the foundation for consistent organizational excellence.

EBSS: A Flexible Execution-Boosting System

Multiple Formats to Address Multiple Challenges  
We know that during these competitive times, there is not always time or money for on site trainings requiring a full or half day of your key people’s time.  The EBSS has been carefully developed to fit all types of budget and time constraints.  Choose from among the following EBSS structures – or work with us to create a structure that best fits your personal and organizational needs.

  1. Full day on site initial training to identify critical organizational goals and distribute them to the right people, backed up by online systems to monitor and assess organization-wide execution levels and barriers to goal achievement.  Follow up trainings can also be ordered after pinpointing execution needs.
    • Or, order the same process as above with a ½ day initial training.
  2. Don’t have the time or budget to get everyone together even once?  Experience the EBSS completely online, backed up by phone consultations to train key individuals in how to execute the EBSS process for your entire organization.
  3. Don’t have the entire organization “on board” for an EBSS experience – or the time/money to do so?  Order customized one-on-one executive trainings focused on any or all of the 6 EBSS Phases listed above
    • Choose the one-on-one training format that best fits your needs: on site, phone conferences, online assessments, or a combination of all three.
  4. The EBSS can also be experienced in a 2-3 day retreat format, upon request. 

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