Spreading H2O (“Help 2 Ourselves and Others”) Across the Globe

For over two decades, we’ve been helping leaders in business, education, and family life develop and implement plans that enhance success and satisfaction.

See below for testimonials from those who have joined us on the exciting journey of spreading H2O in leadership, education, and family systems across the globe!

Spreading H2O in Workplaces

"From the first meeting there has been improvement in how team members spend their time. Prior to using [the system] team members' time was spent complaining about what other team members were not doing. Now the focus is on getting things done. In addition, my time is spent assisting the team reach goals rather than reminding them to focus on them. Things are actually happening and there is a sense of accomplishment in the team which we lacked before."

Carol Albanesi
Director Customer Relations, Flagler Hospital

"We have transformed our mentality—from griping and joking about a problem that we felt largely powerless to address. We are working more as a team, experiencing more empowerment and optimism about our ability to forge creative solutions to the challenges we face."

Martin Heesacker, Ph.D
Professor and Former Chair of Psychology, University of Florida

"In these trainings, you're going to find a wealth of incredibly valuable information that has been put together by a team of brilliant researchers and thinkers on exactly what you must do to become masterful in effectively executing the goals essential to success. Based on solid research and decades of practical application, these trainings are filled with time-tested and proven methodologies. If you apply them in your personal and professional life, they will absolutely make a dramatic positive impact. I urge you to learn and implement the concepts in these wonderful trainings, then teach them to as many people as you can. The ability to take inspiring ideas and turn them into action is a life-changing skill. These trainings will show you exactly how to do it. "

John Spence
Fortune 500 Consultant and Managing Partner, John Spence LLC

"As the team leader the one thing I love the most about the system is that I can log on at any time to review the Purposeful Doing Report. It allows me to see exactly where we are at in accomplishing our goals. At a glance I can see exactly what has been completed and what has not been completed. I can then drill down to determine which individual or individuals have not met the goals. I am then able to reach out to the person or persons responsible and determine why the goal hasn't been met and assist them in overcoming obstacles preventing them from accomplishing a goal. Because we all work remotely from various locations around the state it allows me to assess our progress and address problems in "real-time" rather than finding out 2 months later during a Board meeting that something wasn't done. It also allows those individuals who are self directed to avoid feeling micro-managed. The only communication they get from me are words of praise for meeting their goals on time. . . . The results from my team have exceeded my expectations!"

Stacie L. Buck, RHIA, CCS-P, LHRM, RCC, CIC
Vice President, Southeast Radiology Management

"Using the steps of his program, [the system] managed to align a large group of our staff, working toward a clear goal, with a consensus of support from the entire staff and our director. We have developed a plan, and we are doing it."

Mission Fulfillment System™ participant
(Requested anonymity)

Spreading H2O in Homes and Schools

"Unlike other one day motivational goal setting programs, (this) worked for me due to the repetition of applying the learning techniques over a period of 6 weeks... (before the training) I found myself flat on my face, my personal and professional life stalled... Not only was I totally overwhelmed and floundering but I realized I lacked the tools to even help myself get going again. (After beginning the training)... I found my way back up onto my feet and with time I even managed to find my stride again... thanks to (the training),... I have the tools to help myself, as well as others, overcome all of life's hurdles to achieve a more satisfied and fulfilled life."

Jennifer Hill, Ph.D.

"For over a decade I have taught my courses based on the H2O perspective and using H2O tools. In my H2O-centered courses, deadlines are deadlines. Students have lots of work to do. I don’t read them the syllabus or remind them of when assignments are due. They monitor themselves and they get the grades they earn. High quality work garners good grades and low-quality work doesn’t. Students make choices about what primary sources to read. They make choices about what research to pursue. We treat each other like adults. All the time. And guess what? My students thrive because they live up to those high expectations. Many have gone on to do incredible things and become amazing people. Until you have lived it, you cannot imagine how fulfilling an H2O-centered classroom is for an educator. The emphasis on using course content to help students develop into higher functioning human beings is what makes H2O-centered education so powerful and important."

Martin Heesacker, Ph.D
Professor and Former Chair of Psychology, University of Florida

"For over 20 years, I've been doing STEAM Training with Dr Higley and listening to his Journey Into Excellence podcasts. They have provided me with the tools to overcome whatever challenges life has to offer. "

Jimmy Leone II
Truck Driver and Investor

"Our school is a very small and close-knit community with only 55-60 total full-time faculty members. This makes it imperative that we are able to communicate and collaborate with one another on an on-going basis. During his time here, Brian was always open and available for conversation and consultation on all topics academic or procedural. His evidence-based approach to the promotion of meaningful learning -- which integrates the science of learning, behavioral change, and personal growth into the practice of classroom management (i.e., the "H2O-centered educational approach") -- and his scholarly articles on how educators and scientists can utilize this approach in their classrooms and research labs inspired quite a few of our faculty members. In sum, the university benefited greatly from Brian's enthusiasm for bringing the H2O-centered educational approach to our attention and ultimately into our classrooms."

Julia Fisher, Ph.D.
Professor of Psychology

"[After experiencing STEAM Training™ I will] improve the relationship with myself by being more positive in my attitude toward myself. I am working hard on being more aware of self and environment, being more attentive and open toward others, respecting boundaries, and improving (honest and respectful) communication in my personal life."

STEAM Training™ participant
(Requested anonymity)