H2O for Educators

H2O for Educators (featuring WATER and STEAM) is comprised of 3 "components,"

with each component helping to address the most significant, recurring barriers to "Education ExcellenceTM." Education Excellence is the consistent achievement of critical learning-related goals at a high level of quality and with a great amount of enjoyment (on the part of both students and educators). Choose any of the components below to customize H2O for Educators to fit your unique learning-related needs.

H2O for Educators is a robust set of assessment, tracking and training tools focused on helping educators and students achieve

more of their educational and personal goals. Based on decades of classroom experience, research into the science of learning, and educational philosophy, these tools help instructors to manage their classrooms in ways that help produce truly meaningful learning for their students by:

  1. Clarifying and prioritizing the most critical learning objectives.
  2. Tracking how well these learning objectives are being accomplished.
  3. Identifying and overcoming the most common barriers to the achievement of learning objectives
  4. Creating an environment of "Educational Excellence" where more optimal learning becomes the norm - and more gets done with less wasted time and energy.

The WATER Game Scorecard

Assessing Educational Excellence

When classrooms are filled with WATER (well-defined learning objectives, aligned goals, team buy-in, execution, and reward), meaningful learning is much more likely to occur. This 15-minute online assessment will help educators and students assess current WATER levels in the classroom and identify ways in which to raise them to facilitate Educational Excellence.

The Mission Fulfillment System

Tracking Educational Excellence

The online Mission Fulfillment System (featuring the Educational Excellence Dashboard) helps educators and students to identify, prioritize, and monitor the achievement status of their most critical course-related goals. This system also helps learners and instructors to identify some of the most common (and most powerful) barriers to Educational Excellence.

STEAM Training

Training Educational Excellence

The most powerful and effective learning experiences include students and educators who never run out of STEAM (social support, time perception, enjoyment, accessibility, and motivation) for the activities that lead to long-term, meaningful learning. STEAM Training helps educators and students to address some of the most common personal barriers to Educational Excellence.

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