"For over a decade I have taught my courses based on the H2O perspective and using H2O tools. The emphasis on using course content to help students develop into higher functioning human beings is what makes H2O-centered education so powerful and important."

- Dr. Martin Heesacker
Professor and Former Chair of Psychology
The University of Florida
Business Leaders

H20 for Education

Utilizing Learning Science to Unleash Potential

H2O for Education is a collection of tools that help educators, students, trainers, and mentors accomplish their learning objectives.

Based on decades of teaching/training experience and the science of learning, these tools help people co-create powerful learning teams that (a) produce truly meaningful learning and (b) reduce wasted time and energy.

Grounded in decades of experience helping thousands learn effectively, H2O for Educators addresses The 6 Phases of Education Excellence described below.

The 6 Phases of Education Excellence

The 6 Phases of Education Excellence are described below, including the “Essential Question” that must be addressed in each phase. Failure to answer any of these Essential Questions accurately can result in massive motivation, morale, and productivity problems in learners, educators, trainers, and mentors.

  • 1

    Phase 1: Education Exploration

    Essential Question: How Much Can We Learn Together?

    Meaningful learning flows from environments filled with enough WATER, an acronym summarizing the following elements of optimal learning:

    • Well-defined and
    • Aligned learning goals,
    • Team ownership of learning goals,
    • Execution of learning-goal-aligned activities, and
    • Rewarding classroom experiences.

    WATER Assessment is the focus of this phase of Education Excellence.

    To progress to Phase 2, learning goals and objectives must align with participants’ WATER levels. With more WATER, more learning is possible. If WATER levels are low, it is best to start slow until they can be raised.

  • 2

    Phase 2: Education Clarity

    Essential Question: How Do We Want to Learn Together?

    Creation, prioritization, distribution, and tracking of learning-objective-aligned SMART goals is the focus of this phase of Education Excellence. SMART is an acronym summarizing the following components of optimal learning goals:

    • Specific
    • Measurable
    • Agreed-upon
    • Realistic
    • Time bound

    The Mission Fulfillment System helps identify, prioritize, distribute, and monitor the progress of learning goals. This system helps individuals form learning teams focused on promoting success and satisfaction in all members.

    To progress to Phase 3, all parties must be extremely clear about:

    • their most important learning goals and
    • how to leverage learning team members’ diverse knowledge, preferences, and skill sets to accomplish learning objectives in high-quality ways.
  • 3

    Phase 3: Education Persistence

    Essential Question: How Do We Overcome Our Barriers to Learning?

    In this phase of Education Excellence, learning team members collaborate to identify barriers to the accomplishment of their learning objectives. They then co-create, distribute, and track SMART solutions to overcome these barriers together. SMART solutions are SMART goals specifically designed to address learning-related challenges.

    To progress to Phase 4, learning team members must overcome obstacles to Education Excellence by engaging in an open and inclusive approach to problem-solving.

  • 4

    Phase 4: Education Synergy

    Essential Question: Are We All Contributing to an Outstanding Learning Environment?

    Mastering the 10 elements of the WATER Game Scorecard is the focus of this phase of Education Excellence. The WATER Game Scorecard is a 15-minute online assessment that helps educators and students collaborate to:

    • discuss class-wide WATER levels and
    • identify methods of raising WATER levels to boost Education Excellence.

    To progress to Phase 5, class members must collaborate to align their behaviors with the key components of high-functioning learning teams. This results in the co-creation of an environment where optimal learning becomes the norm—and more gets done with less wasted time and energy.

  • 5

    Phase 5: Education Pay-off

    Essential Question: How Can What We Are Learning Improve Our Lives?

    This phase of Education Excellence is focused on reinforcing meaningful learning in all learning team members through the co-creation and implementation of an Education Excellence Reward System. Such reward systems increase the probability that everyone will consistently:

    • achieve their learning goals in high-quality ways and
    • enjoy the process of doing so.

    To progress to Phase 6, learning team members must have a clear understanding of how to customize and distribute rewards for optimal results.

  • 6

    Phase 6: Education Expertise

    Essential Question: Are We Mastering the Science of Learning?

    The most effective learning teams are comprised of individuals with high levels of STEAM for long-term, meaningful learning (i.e., learning that makes a profound difference in people's lives). STEAM is an acronym that summarizes the following critical components of optimal learning:

    • Social support
    • Time availability
    • Enjoyment
    • Accessibility
    • Motivation

    Inadequate amounts of any of these components can create major barriers to effective learning. In this phase of Education Excellence, the focus is on enhancing learning expertise through STEAM Training. STEAM Training helps learning team members identify and overcome some of the most common barriers to accessing their powerful innate drive to learn, change, and grow. Special attention is paid to helping people tap into their:

    • intrinsic motivation,
    • creativity, and
    • excitement.

    To achieve and maintain Education Excellence, learning team members must sustain high STEAM levels, especially during busy, stressful, or challenging times.

H2O for Education Training Formats

Trainings in any of the 6 Phases of Education Excellence listed above can be experienced in any of the formats described below.

  • 1

    Education Excellence Trainings (2-hour, Half-day, and Full-day formats available)

    Customized trainings on the 6 Phases of Education Excellence are focused on helping participants create, implement, and track specific methods of addressing the Essential Questions identified above. These interactive trainings can cover all 6 Phases of Education Excellence or focus only on the phase(s) most relevant to you (e.g., methods of boosting "Education Persistence" by addressing its Essential Question: How do we overcome our barriers to learning?).

  • 2

    Education Excellence Text and Online Tool Adoptions for College Courses

    College instructors can address the 6 Phases of Education Excellence described above in their courses by adopting the H2O for Education Learning Support Package. This can be done just like they adopt a textbook for their courses by emailing us at: support@tbb2excellence.com

    After we receive an email, we work with campus bookstores to ensure students can purchase the H2O for Education Learning Support Package.

    We then help the educator—by phone or over email, depending on their preference—add the H2O for Education Learning Support Package to their syllabus (just like a textbook). For an example of how this has been done, see the Sample Syllabus Excerpt below:

    Sample Syllabus Excerpt

    Required Course Materials:

    H2O for Education Learning Support Package

    This course requires the H2O for Education Learning Support Package, which can be purchased at our bookstore. After you purchase this package from the bookstore, you will be entered into the H2O for Education system. You can then access the system by following the instructions below:

    1. Click this link and enter your initial username and password (see below for how to get your initial username and password): https://www.excellenceuniversity.net/login.php
    2. Your initial username will be your school email address (an address ending in ".edu")
    3. Your initial password will be the last four digits of your student ID number
    4. After your initial log in, you will be asked to change your username and password via the "Register" page.
  • 3

    Education Excellence Individual Coaching (30-minute, 60-minute, and 90-minute formats available)

    One-on-one coaching in the 6 Phases of Education Excellence provides you with personalized guidance on how to address the Essential Questions identified above to meet your specific learning-related needs. These coaching sessions are focused on helping you utilize the science of personal and professional growth to unleash your potential as a learner, educator, trainer, or mentor.

    We've coached students, high school teachers, parents, college professors, university administrators, and educational consultants across the nation. Our coaching is focused on helping you address some of the most common learning-related questions that keep many people "awake at night," such as:

    1. Why are some of my students failing to engage in behaviors critical to learning?
    2. How can I make a learning-friendly plan for my children?
    3. How can I promote learning in our employees in ways that facilitate long-term success and satisfaction?

    Education Excellence coaching helps you systematically develop a Culture of Education Excellence, where learning, change, and growth is the norm—not something that only happens every once in a while.

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