Tracking and Facilitating Execution Excellence

Tracking & Facilitating Execution Excellence

Along with its state-of-the-art goal tracking tools, The Mission Fulfillment System™ provides clients with an up-to-the-minute analysis of why certain goals are not being achieved � so these barriers can be addressed before they become major blocks to success.

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"Superb – very impressive – especially like the Purposeful Doing chart! This is really spot on – incredible work."

- John Spence
Managing Partner, Flycaster and Company


The Mission Fulfillment™ System provides clients with an online "Execution Excellence Dashboard" including the following for tabs:

General Progress Tab
A quick and easy way to monitor how effectively plans are being executed over the course of a week, month, quarter, and/or year, the General Execution Excellence Tab gives you a realtime look into overall levels of Execution Excellence in a matter of seconds.

Individual Progress Tab
A summary of how well each individual on the system is executing their most critical goals, the Individual Execution Excellence Tab allows you to identify who getting their individual goals achieved at a high level – and who could use an "execution boost."

Goal-Barrier Identification Tab
A thorough analysis of the major barriers to a everyone's collective progress, the Goal-Achievement Barrier Analysis Tab is based on decades of experience and research identifying the most common barriers to consistent high-quality goal achievement. This tab allows you to instantly see what everyone on the system believes to be their most frequent barriers to the successful achievement of their goals – allowing for quick identification of solutions to these specific barriers to Execution Excellence.

Solutions Tab
A powerful mechanism of promoting "solution-focused thinking," the Barrier Solutions Tab helps you avoid the pitfalls of people fixating on their barriers to goal achievement rather than quickly identifying strategies to overcome them. This tab helps individuals on the system to collectively brainstorm solutions for overcoming their barriers to Achievement – and quickly get back on the path to Execution Excellence.

Finally, The Mission Fulfillment System has mechanisms of helping ensure that goals are not simply being achieved – but also being delivered with quality and higher levels of enjoyment. The first step in this process is to come to an understanding about a common definition of what quality execution looks like. The second step is effectively rewarding quality execution in a way that gets everyone excited about delivering it. To do this well, we must return to the original (and so often overlooked) definition of a "reward": something that actually increases achievement levels after it is given out. Too many "reward" systems are not living up to that definition! The Mission Fulfillment System will help ensure that your reward system actually creates more high-quality goal achievement.

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