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Self-Mastery Tip: Cultivating More Influence On Thoughts, Feelings and Behaviors

by Dr. Brian Higley

January 5th, 2010

Having solid influence on one’s thoughts, feelings and behaviors can be a critical component to an effective and satisfied life.  It is often important to note that “influence” is different than “control;” an overly controlled life can quickly become robotic and dissatisfying.  Being able to influence one’s experiences without seeking to control every aspect of them is an important aspect of Self-Mastery.

Increased influence on our thoughts, feelings and behaviors can be cultivated by understanding how to bring about more self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-confidence.  Here are some ways people have been able to cultivate more influence over themselves:

  • Enhance self-awareness. It is well known that the more conscious we are of what influences us, the more potential we have to gain more influence over ourselves.  For instance, if we are aware that disrespectful messages tend to cause us to lose influence over our feelings, we can then explore ways in which to handle disrespect more effectively.  On the other hand, if we stay unaware of this (or in denial of it), we remain unable to address this block to self-influence.  Click here for more on self-awareness enhancement.
  • Cultivate peace of mind. The more peaceful and calm our mind is, the more influence we can maintain with ourselves.  Cultivation of a calm mind is in many ways similar to the development of a strong, healthy body; it takes regular practice and commitment, and can fade away quickly if we do not attend to it on a daily basis.  Click here for more on cultivation of peace of mind.
  • Cope effectively with stress and conflict. No matter how much self-awareness and peace of mind we cultivate, there will always be times when we feel overwhelmed.  This is why good coping abilities are critical.  Click here for more on coping effectively with stress and conflict.

NOTE TO THOSE USING THE MISSION FULFILLMENT SYSTEM: You can move toward more influence on yourself by adding a new Objective to your system by using the “Add New Item” link (for example, “Increase my influence on my thoughts, feelings and behaviors”).  You can then develop a SMART Goal related to that new Objective by using the “Add Subitem” link to the far right of the new Objective (for example, “Spend an average of at least 20-30 minutes a day with people who help me cultivate a peaceful, centered state of mind.”).

FOR THOSE WHO ARE NOT ON THE MISSION FULFILLMENT SYSTEM: Click here to for more information and click here to sign up.

FINAL NOTE: If you were linked to this article by a video or email, please return to that link and proceed with any other instructions that you deem helpful.  For more Execution Excellence and Self-Mastery tips and tools visit our site at: www.excellenceuniversity.net

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