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Excellence Tree is an association of organizations committed to providing the highest quality training and support to companies and individuals ready for the next level of Business Excellence, Personal Effectiveness, and/or Life Satisfaction.

Excellence Tree brings together many top level consultants, including John Spence, a nationally renowned speaker, consultant, and trainer with years of experience in such areas as organizational leadership, team-building, and negotiations, The Building Blocks and their array of proven tools & techniques for enhancing execution and achievement levels, and Myjive Inc., a company dedicated to designing powerful, easy to use online organizational and personal excellence tools for the corporate world and beyond. Together, Excellence Tree has recruited a coalition of trainers and developed a series of powerful products to assist organizations and individuals to overcome the most common barriers to organizational and personal excellence.

Meet the Authors

John Spence
“Making the very complex…awesomely simple” is no mere catch phrase, it is truly John Spence’s mission in life. Driven by an insatiable curiosity to understand the fundamental aspects of what it takes to achieve and sustain excellence in business and life, John Spence has earned a reputation as a leading authority in the areas of Business Excellence, High-Performance Teams, and Advanced Leadership Development, making him one of the most highly sought after executive educators and professional speakers in America.
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Brian Higley
Recognized as a leader in the area of positive and permanent change, Brian brings a unique mix of business, research, and psychological expertise to Excellence Tree.
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Dr. Martin Heesacker
Martin Heesacker is Professor and former Department Chair of Psychology at the University of Florida. He serves on the executive board of the American Psychological Association’s Committee on Accreditation, and as Chair of the Association of Heads of Departments of Psychology. He recently served on the Psychology Department faculty at Ohio State University and Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. He has authored 84 scholarly publications, 98 scholarly conference presentations (32 of which were invited), and chaired or co-chaired 22 doctoral dissertations.
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Jack Malcolm
Jack Malcolm is a nationally recognized speaker, trainer and sales consultant. With ten years of corporate banking experience prior to becoming a sales trainer in 1991, Jack has a rare combination of financial expertise, consultative sales experience and dynamic speaking excellence which has helped numerous national and international clients who sell complex products and systems.
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Robert Craven
Mr. Craven was most recently the President & CEO of Garden of Life, a leading dietary supplement company. He oversaw its growth from just over $16 Mil in 2002 to more than $58 Million year ending 2004.
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Excellence Tree Online Services

Execution Boost Support System
Our comprehensive offering of employee assessment tools provide appropriate solutions to many execution-related issues affecting companies today. Our online assessments can be easily administered, scored, results analyzed and reported using the Internet.

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