"From the first meeting there has been improvement in how team members spend their time... Things are actually happening and there is a sense of accomplishment in the team which we lacked before."

Carol Albanesi
Director, Customer Relations, Flagler Hospital
Business Leaders

H20 for Leaders

Getting the Most Important Things Done

H20 for Leaders is a series of trainings and assessments designed to help teams achieve Mission Activation.

Mission Activation results in getting the most important things done on a regular basis by leveraging the diverse knowledge, preferences, and skill sets of all team members.

Based on decades of experience implementing the science of both organizational and personal development in the workplace, these trainings help leaders and their team members work together to progress through the 6 Phases of Mission Activation listed below.

The 6 Phases of Mission Activation

The 6 Phases of Mission Activation are described below, including the Essential Question that must be answered in each phase. Failure to answer any of these Essential Questions in accurate and inclusive ways can cause massive motivation, morale, and productivity problems.

  • 1

    Phase 1: Mission Exploration

    Essential Question: How Much Can We Do Together?
  • 2

    Phase 2: Mission Clarity

    Essential Question: How Do We Want to Do It?
  • 3

    Phase 3: Mission Persistence

    Essential Question: What's in the Way?
  • 4

    Phase 4: Mission Synergy

    Essential Question: Are We All Doing It Together?
  • 5

    Phase 5: Mission Pay-off

    Essential Question: Why Are We Doing It?
  • 6

    Phase 6: Mission Exploration

    Essential Question: Are We Doing It Well?