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Assessing Organizational & Personal Execution Excellence

This Excellence University Root helps you to assess your team�s current execution strengths and deficits via a confidential, easy to use, web-based survey tool.


"The information I learned has already positively altered my way of thinking and has helped me to prioritize my goals."


"It has helped me reassess my priorities and values and align my goals more closely... I will be better at saying No to the things that don't benefit me."


"I liked the ease of the assessment, and I especially liked the organization of the results tool."


This 15 minute online assessment will give you a summary of your entire team's views on its current state of Execution Excellence and specifics on how to immediately improve it. Additionally, you will gain a deep understanding of how much "Goal CACE™" (Clarity, Alignment, Consensus and Execution) your group experiences on a day-to-day basis.

What is CACE? It is the soil out of which all well-executed plans grow:

Research conducted by our firm shows that the impact of poor execution is costing companies incredible amounts of lost time, productivity and money (click here to take a free 7-item organization execution audit for your team). This has led our team to develop a number of tools and programs to help employees both identify and overcome the myriad of barriers that stand in the way of their ability to fully implement critical business initiatives. The first of these tools is the “C.A.C.E (sounds like ‘cake’) Assessment.

C = Clarity
Has a plan been clearly communicated to all key stakeholders in a consistent and easy to understand way? Are people truly clear on what they are supposed to be doing? Although most leaders will argue that they have done a very good job communicating their vision, plans and goals, many who follow these leaders frequently report being unclear about what they are supposed to be doing on a daily basis. The CACE Assessment will help you find out how clear all team members truly are about their roles in the overall plan.

A = Alignment
Are key goals aligned for successful achievement of the plan, or are there situations where goals are at odds with each other? Are people told to do one thing, but actually rewarded for the opposite? Are there systems, processes and policies in place that are in direct conflict with achieving important objectives? These are difficult and extremely complex issues, but without consistent alignment of organizational goals, there is little chance for successful implementation of any plan. The CACE Assessment will help you determine how much Alignment team members believe is present throughout the entire team.

C = Consensus
Do people agree with the plan and are they committed to making the plan a reality? Much like Alignment, the more individual support teams have for the implementation of plans, the higher the chances you have for consistent team-wide excellence. Without high levels of Consensus, there is little hope that even the best ideas will be successful. The more Consensus you have throughout your organization, the stronger your chances are for high levels of execution. The CACE Assessment can help you determine how much of this critical component teams are currently experiencing.

E = Execution
Once you have Clarity, Alignment and Consensus for plans, the final – and often most challenging – part of the process is to get to work on implementation of those plans. This takes us to the final area of focus in the CACE Assessment: Execution. So often leaders mistake execution with "motivation" ("my people don't execute – they must need motivation training"). We have actually found that motivation is only ONE PIECE of the execution puzzle. The other four-fifths of the puzzle are revealed in The CACE Assessment.

The CACE Assessment is not just an assessment; it also comes with an online "CACE Help Center" filled with recommendations for how to increase every aspect of CACE throughout teams. The CACE™ Assessment will allow you to identify which of these four essential execution-boosting variables are working for (or against) you - all in the time span of an average coffee break!


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