Team Consultants

Excellence University for Team Consultants

Excellence University is comprised of 3 "Roots,"

with each root addressing the most significant, recurring barriers to "Execution Excellence." Execution Excellence is a state of achieving the most important goals in life – on time and with high levels of quality and enjoyment. Choose any of the roots below to customize Excellence University to fit your clients´┐Ż unique execution-related needs.

Excellence University is a robust set of assessment, tracking, and training tools completely designed to assist consultants help teams and

organizations execute their strategic plans. Based on over 10 years of experience and research, these tools help consultants achieve their professional goals via powerful mechanisms of:

  1. Developing and prioritizing strategy-aligned goals in ways that promote team-wide execution.
  2. Tracking how well all team members achieve their goals.
  3. Helping leaders to quickly identify and overcome the most common barriers to team-wide goal achievement.
  4. Assisting teams with the development of effective solutions to their barriers and efficient implementation of these solutions.

Assessing Execution Excellence

The CACE Assessment

The CACE Assessment helps you to assess an entire team's current execution strengths and deficits via a confidential, easy to use, web-based survey tool.

Tracking Execution Excellence

The Mission Fulfillment System

The Mission Fulfillment System is a must for busy consultants who want to thoroughly monitor all of their clients' progress on a regular basis while also expanding their clientele.

Training Execution Excellence

The Self-Mastery Training Series

Do your clients have some people on their teams who seem unable or unwilling to implement the plans that you help them to create - even when they are very clear about what needs to be done?