Enhancing Individual Effectiveness

Enhancing Individual Effectiveness

Ever wonder why things aren't going the way you wish they were? Or how to make them go even better? Stop wondering - and start knowing - with The Self-Mastery Assessment™


"The information I learned has already positively altered my way of thinking and has helped me to prioritize my goals."


"It has helped me reassess my priorities and values and align my goals more closely . . . I will be better at saying No to the things that don't benefit me."


"I liked the ease of the assessment, and I especially liked the organization of the results tool."


The Self-Mastery Assessment is based on decades of experience with and research on what causes goals to be achieved and what contributes to goal failure in individuals. The 3 levels of this assessment help people to stop "wishing' that they could do more or live differently and to begin fulfilling their wishes by becoming more aware of their achievement-oriented strengths and weaknesses. This awareness is critical for those who want to become better at living their ideal lives – both personally and professionally – no matter what kind of visions they want to bring into reality.

The Self-Mastery Assessment™ helps participants evaluate themselves across 3 Levels:

Level 1: Self-Mastery
Research over the decades has revealed that the most effective and fulfilled people tend to experience more Self-Mastery than the average person. Level One of The Self-Mastery Assessment allows participants to evaluate themselves across 10 skills that are strongly associated with influence over one's own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors – all hallmarks of Self-Mastery. Additionally, this level also helps participants to assess themselves across 10 of the most common "Self-Mastery Distractions;" areas that most often block Self-Mastered states of mind. Identify the path toward enhanced effectiveness and fulfillment – along with the most common roadblocks that emerge along the way – with Level One of The Self-Mastery Assessment.

Level 2: Interpersonal Expertise
Strong interpersonal skills are often critical to both personal effectiveness and fulfillment with one's job and life. Level Two of The Self-Mastery Assessment helps people to evaluate their abilities to create effective, satisfying professional and personal relationships. Also covered are 10 of the largest "Interpersonal Roadblocks" – some of the most common barriers to energizing and positive relationships with others. Level Two of The Self-Mastery Assessment helps identify how to become more interpersonally effective and what might be blocking the accomplishment of this important goal.

Level 3: Mission Connection
Most experts agree that feeling connected to something bigger than oneself – a "Mission" or a "Purpose" – is often strongly associated with high levels of motivation, achievement and well-being. Moreover, the ability to help others feel connected to a mission is a critical skill in leadership of all kinds (leadership of self, organizations, teams and even families). Level Three of The Self-Mastery Assessment helps individuals to evaluate how well they are able to connect themselves and others with missions and purposes in ways that increase everyone's energy, excitement, productivity and satisfaction levels. Ten of the strongest "Mission Disconnection Pitfalls" are also assessed in order to help individuals identify why optimal Mission Connection may not be present in their lives. Identify how to create stronger connections to professional and personal missions – and help others to do the same – with Level Three of The Self-Mastery Assessment.

Choose from the following packages to customize The Self-Mastery Assessment to fit your unique needs:

  • Personal Packages: centered on helping individuals to evaluate their own levels of Self-Mastery in order to pin-point areas that can help them grow personally and professionally.
  • Consultant & Coach Packages: to help assess clients' Self-Mastery levels in order to make plans to help improve effectiveness and/or fulfillment.
  • Organization or Team Leader Packages: focused on assessing team members' Self-Mastery strengths and deficits in order to develop specific plans to increase team excellence and job satisfaction.

The Self-Mastery Assessment provides participants with a deep understanding of how to live the life they desire and what might be getting in their way of doing so. This assessment helps to identify how many essential Self-Mastery components are working for (or against) individuals and groups of all kinds. Uncover the path toward increased effectiveness and fulfillment – all in the time span of an average coffee break! (Format: 15 minute online assessment)

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