"(Before STEAM Training™) I found myself flat on my face, my personal and professional life stalled, Not only was I totally overwhelmed and floundering but I realized I lacked the tools to even help myself get going again. (After beginning STEAM Training™) I found my way back up onto my feet and with time I even managed to find my stride again. I have the tools to help myself, as well as others, overcome all of life's hurdles to achieve a more satisfied and fulfilled life."

Dr. Jennifer Hill, Ph.D.
Business Leaders

STEAM Training™

Enhancing Self-mastery, Interpersonal Expertise, and Mission Connection

Stress, anxiety, and burn-out are major barriers to surviving—let alone thriving—in the 21st century.

STEAM Training™ is focused on enhancing personal effectiveness and work-life satisfaction in the face of the numerous challenges of daily life.

This training series centers on enhancing success and well-being through “The 5 Elements of STEAM” described below.

The 5 Elements of STEAM

The 5 Elements of STEAM are described below, along with the “Essential Question” that must be addressed in each element. Failure to address any of these Essential Questions effectively can result in dissatisfaction, burn-out, and/or failure to consistently achieve one’s most important goals in life.

  • 1

    Social Support

    Essential Question: Do the Main People in My Life Boost (or Drain) My STEAM?
  • 2

    Time Availability

    Essential Question: Am I Spending My Time in Ways that Enhance (or Deplete) My STEAM?
  • 3


    Essential Question: Am I Sustaining My STEAM by Engaging in Satisfying Activities Frequently Enough?
  • 4


    Essential Question: Do I Have the Information and Materials I Need to Optimize My STEAM?
  • 5


    Essential Question: Do I Have Enough Inspiration for STEAM Maintenance?

STEAM Training™ is grounded in decades of experience helping thousands of people integrate the science of personal and professional growth into their daily lives in powerful and fulfilling ways. Improving expertise in self-mastery, interpersonal expertise, and mission connection is a major focus of the training. See below for more information on these 3 components of STEAM Training™

The 3 Components of STEAM Training™

STEAM Training™ includes learning, assessment, and tracking tools that help participants identify and accomplish their most important personal and/or professional goals in life. The training is centered around the following 3 components of personal effectiveness, well-being, and life satisfaction:

  • 1

    Component 1: Self-mastery Through Self-harmony

    This component focuses on research-based methods of aligning one’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in ways that boost STEAM levels.
  • 2

    Component 2: Interpersonal Expertise Through Harmony with Others

    The focus of this component is on cultivating the uplifting, healthy, and satisfying personal and professional relationships essential to STEAM maintenance.
  • 3

    Component 3: Mission Connection Through Harmony with an Uplifting Purpose

    This component is focused on identifying a meaningful, energizing, STEAM-enhancing mission in life—and methods of staying powerfully connected to it on a daily basis.

STEAM Training Formats

STEAM Training™ can be experienced in any of the formats described below.

  • STEAM Presentations (2-hour, Half-day, and Full-day formats available)

  • STEAM Trainings (2-hour, Half-day, and Full-day formats available)

  • Individual STEAM Coaching (30-minute, 60-minute, and 90-minute formats available)

  • STEAM Text and Online Tool Adoptions for College Courses

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STEAM Training: Spreading H2O Across the Globe

For over two decades, we have been focused on promoting truly life-changing H2O (“Help 2 Ourselves and Others”) through STEAM Training™. Join us on the exciting journey of spreading more H2O across the globe by starting your training now!