Enhancing Individual Effectiveness

Enhancing Individual Effectiveness

Do you work with some people who seem disorganized, unmotivated or lazy - even when they are very clear about what needs to be done, or do you sometimes feel this way yourself? These all-to-common problems can often be explained by the fact that so many people have never been trained in the science and art of personal achievement. STEAM Training Series ™ trains individuals in "The Achievement Mentality;" a mentality of getting more things done at higher levels of quality - all while utilizing less time and energy to do so.


"Improving my relationships and helping me be more self-aware [is how STEAM Training Series™ helped me the most]."


All STEAM Training Series™ trainings, assessments, and tracking tools are based on over 10 years of experience and research in the areas that separate individuals that consistently accomplish their most important goals from those who only "wish" they could do so. STEAM Training Series™ is separated into three Levels: Level I: Self-Mastery, Level II: Interpersonal Expertise, and Level III: Mission Connection. (Formats: on site or over the phone – with optional online post-training tracking support)

Choose from 3 Levels of STEAM Training Series™ Trainings:

Level 1: Self-Mastery
This Level focus on 10 areas most highly associated with gaining stronger influence over your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors – influence that is critical to achieving your professional and personal goals. Also covered in this Level are the 10 most common distractions to enhancing Self-Mastery.

Level 2: Interpersonal Expertise
Strong interpersonal skills are often critical to personal effectiveness and job satisfaction. This Level is centered on enhancing your ability to create effective, satisfying relationships with others – both on and off the job – and how to handle the 10 largest "roadblocks" to Interpersonal Expertise.

Level 3: Mission Connection
Research shows that feeling connected to something bigger to oneself is often strongly associated with high level goal achievement. Moreover, the ability to help others feel connected to such a mission is a critical skill in leadership. This Level is focused on becoming more skilled at connecting yourself with a mission that will increase your job and life satisfaction – and helping others do the same. The top 10 "Mission Connection Pitfalls" are also covered.

Training in all 3 Levels of STEAM Training Series™ include a focus on the following areas critical to personal effectiveness:

  1. Increasing Perception of Time Availability: powerful strategies for creating more time for the most important matters.
  2. Maximizing Motivation: proven mechanisms of increasing energy and excitement on the job and at home.
  3. Team-building For Greatness: methods of creating and maintaining relationships that promote consistent achievement and enjoyment – and how to identify and address relationships that create "achievement drag."
  4. Enhancing Enjoyment: tools for enhancing job (and life) satisfaction.
  5. Expanding Accessibility: effective strategies for recruiting the materials and information necessary to achieve the most important goals in life.

Can you imagine a world with 90% fewer problems?
Many human potential experts believe that up to 90% of personal and professional problems come from a lack of personal effectiveness and self-awareness. Help make your part of the world more problem-free with Excellence University's STEAM Training Series!

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